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Our history

Our history

Polo Pet is the union of two passions, one by fashion and the other by animals.

The passion for our four legged, Brisingr, Samson, Scott, Nala, Aslan, Aron, Mozart and we could continue… Everyone has the history of our lives and with them we now continue with this challenge.

At first we thought of the piquet polo, fundamental in any timeless wardrobe for humans and because not also for the four-legged. Then came other iconic pieces of humans, the breton sweater, the bandanas, the trench coat that joined the Dachshund leash. We have also added the reflective detail for greater safety when you walk in the city at night!

We bring the design, experience and knowledge of Portuguese textile  and canine psychology into our collections for this tour of the city.

Creating with sustainability when we use textile leftovers , comfort and safety for our best friends and for us every day to enjoy with your pet!....